Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lingerie for the Penny Pincher

Most fashion blogs these days are about expensive vintage and the mixing of the old classics with new styles by top designers. Don't get me wrong, I have always admired these posts, but often ponder, "How can someone actually afford to buy those things?" Being raised in a fiscally conservative household, taught me the value of money, and to never spend too much on one thing, because just around the corner you can usually get that same thing for less.

So I bring to you my lingerie find at none other than Forever 21. This is a store that I tend to avoid, because honestly it is just way too over stimulating. Who needs that many options in one store?? But it was late tonight, 10pm to be exact, and nothing else was open in Union Square, as far as fashion goes. So I popped in, and browsed for a bit. Amidst the piles of outdated and gaudy garb that typically fills the store, I managed to uncover a few looks reminiscent of Top Shop and American Apparel, but for pennies in comparison. I made it up to the second floor, where at that point, I was really just killing time. But, I then stumbled upon the lingerie section. Bins of overflowing lace panties, adorable two-piece thin cotton pajamas, and low and behold, an exact replica of the $20 American Apparel sheer bra I have been pining over... and for only $3.99. So good, I just had to share! Hurry and get one. This was the last one in the store, or else I would have bought two!

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