Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain Day #2


Another day of rain! I seem to be the only one excited about this wonderful change in weather. Only a little over a month until I see my first flurries of snow! And with the snow will come some wonderful wardrobe changes gahhh! Cannot wait.

But I am getting ahead of myself. For now, I need to focus on the up and coming month of Fall. If you live in a city where there are seasons, now is the best time to prepare for the imminent cold that is fast approaching! Jackets and coats will still be at relatively affordable prices at vintage stores and flea markets, and the selection will be greater.

Knowing this, I decided to make a quick stop into Buffalo Exchange yesterday, where I found a fantastic wool Herman Geist jacket, similar to the one below, except has two large buttons for a looser fit. Can't wait to pair it with some hunter wellies :)

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