Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theatre Attempt #1

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Just got back from seeing one of the most torturous plays of my play-viewing career (which hasn't been thaat extensive). And when I say torturous, I don't mean in the stick up your ass, play critic sense, that the show represented a symbolic torturous sense of metaphysical reality. No, I mean that sitting in that chair for an hour, forced to watch the most confusing, psychotic display of acting was absolute torture.

The play, an adaptation from the book 'The Plague', was meant to interpret the disease, and the way it grasped hold of human-kind. All I took from it was that fat men should not be wearing ass-less loin cloths in public, play or no play; much too distracting from what's attempting to be displayed. Also, if you are going to wear ass-less loin cloths, do the audience, and your co-actors the decency of a wax.

Among many other interesting things, I also noticed the main character was wearing a long cloth with a hole in the top for his head. I sat wondering..."hmm perhaps if that were belted sewn on the sides, with long arm holes + bandeau, that could be a super cute dress..."fashion + drama = poncho dress?? Thanks EV for the inspiration!

By the end of it, I was seriously wondering if the Plague was as painful as sitting through this for the past hour...if so, I can definitely sympathize. That's all for now!

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