Friday, September 23, 2011

Preview of Days to Come!

Well, I have to say that after 3 hours of digging, and forcibly pulling randomness over my silk tunic dress, I managed to bring a haul of amazing finds back to the homestead. I only photographed a few at the store, and tomorrow will be my first "real" display of photos. Kindaaaa excited. Check out some outtakes from the trip!...and Kona, just poppin' in to say hello.
This is the face I wake up to every morning. My little side kick. He hates to be woken up early hehe. I try to hit the park with him for a few hours every day. He's around 70lbs, so he needs that good 'ol fashioned exercise. And unfortunately he exerts the most energy by following other dogs around and giving 'em a hump. I recently started squirting him in the face with water to stop the bad behavior. Hopefully it'll work.  
My outfit upon arrival! Dressed and ready to shop! Got my sweet new circle shades ;)
This is a Marc Jacobs wool cardigan I found amongst a bunch of hideous white sweaters. I really liked the look, which was topped off with an adorable bow in the back, but a few of the gems on the side were missing, so I passed it up. 
This was one of the first things I saw once I walked inside. I love the ruffles, sheer-ness (I have a serious problem with see-through clothing), and arm cuffs! Unfortunately, at the end of my hauling, I passed this up. It wasn't a true vintage item, and in my opinion not worth what they were asking.
Umm black rayon + silk + sequins....are you serious!?!?! Yes! I felt like an instant mermaid once I put this on. It isn't vintage, but definitely was worth the $10 I laid down for it. 
White wide-knit boat neck sweater / vest? Seems to be hand knit. Fell in love with this amazing piece. So soft, so warm; everything I could need in a sweater...or is it a vest? 
 Woven, oversized, button-down cardigan, peach, complete with side pockets and sweet leaf details. I liked it, but didn't make the cut. Buhbyeee
United Colors of Benetton off-white button down loose-knit cardigan. Such a find! Butttt also had to pass this up. 

This 525 America turtleneck sweater was begging for me to pull it from the rack. This looked amazing even just thrown on top of the outfit I had on already. Check out my leather boots / amazing find from earlier this week (paid $40 for a $500 paid of boots)! I am loving this whole rocker-chic look.


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