Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Very Vintage Holiday

WOW it has been WAYYYYY too long since my last post. Much has happened in this giant city and world of mine over the past few months! So many vintage finds, a move from East Village to West (movin' on up!!), and booming business in the advertising space (my main bill payer ;) .

I wanted to do a post about the many ways to incorporate the holidays into your home without spending a fortune. I have a small apartment, (thanks to my recent move into a studio for the first time EVER!!!) so decorating needs to be minimal, and simple.

My first tip is to hit the thrift stores. You would be shocked at the things people toss out throughout the year, such as ornaments, holiday lights, tree holders, omg so much more! Most thrift stores tend to hold onto these things until the holidays, so there is usually quite a load to look through. I found a box of icicle lights for $2, and some BRAND NEW holiday stuffed toys (I give them to my dog).

Then it was off to the tree salesperson on 6th Ave and Bleeker St. I saw a grocery cart full of scraps, initially just interested in a few pieces for a window vase (will explain later!!). The woman was so nice, and offered me multiple branches! It was enough to make a DIY wreath!

DIY Wreath

You need:

  • 2 branches (about the same size each)
  • roll of twine
  • Wrap the base of the branches together, and tie tightly with the twine. 
  • In order to make the branches bend, you may need to crack them by bending them in the direction you want your wreath to curl.
    • **Don't BREAK only CRACK the branch**
  • Tie the smaller branches coming off the main branch into a loose bundle using the twine. 
  • Secure the two separate branches together at the top of the almost complete wreath.
  • Fasten a bow with the twine, or ribbon.
  • You're Done!! 
You can check mine out below!

DIY Window Vase

You Need:
  • Glass Cigar cases. Most cigar shops throw these away, so if you go in and ask for some, they are usually more than willing to hand them over!
  • Twine
  • Window suctions
  • *optional* cute tags
  • First take the cleaned glass cigar case and tie twine about an inch below the mouth. Knot tightly.
  • With that same twine, create a loop that is large enough to be hooked on a small window suction hook. Knot tightly.
  • Stick the window suction hook onto your desired location. 
  • Cut a small piece off the leftover xmas tree branch, and stick it inside the window vase.
  • Hook your new window vase onto the small suction hook.
  • Viola! You are done!

I also wanted to show you guys a great wrapping technique I learned from a small class I attended in San Diego. Here is the finished product:

You need: 
  • Twine
  • Cute paper (I salvaged some from a dept store)
  • Double sided tape
  • Luggage tag
  • Xmas tree clipping, or other small twigs from outside
  • Wrap your gift with the paper tightly using the double sided tape.
  • Place the twine on the TOP of your gift.
  • Wrap the twine around, and at the BOTTOM of the gift, instead of crossing the twine, wrap them over WITHOUT crossing the twine.
  • At the TOP of the gift, cross the twine, and pull into the direction of the side that does not have twine yet.
  • Pull the twine over the bottom (last time), to create a crossing over the other twine. The concept is that the lines do not twist, they only cross.
  • Again at the TOP of the gift, knot the twine together at the point where you crossed the twine earlier. This will disguise the crossing! Don't forget to double knot ;)
  • Fasten a piece of outside nature to your gift, I used a leftover xmas tree branch!
  • Use a cute luggage tag and write a small message, and tie it onto your nature embellishment.
  • You're done!
I hope to share a few other things as the Holiday season continues. Check back for more!


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